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The Internet and the concept of web design is always changing.
The next wave of design is here, right now — and you’re the designer.

Learn what you need to know to make a website, create effective images, or edit video
without spending time in a classroom with effective instruction or WordPress Tutoring.

Design firms and web designers did a great job – 20 years ago. Back when people didn’t know how to use a computer, everyone hired people to do their design work and websites. But today, we can do better. You can do better.  

Creating effective designs or editing images doesn’t have to require an industry professional. If you have drive and incentive and can envision what you are trying to create, I can help you learn how to produce the results you desire. 

If you can text a message or upload a pic of your dinner on Facebook, then you can create your own WordPress website – anyone can. Some of the technology from Social Networking and Smart Phone experience can be used to create an effective blog or website. Some of what you need to learn isn’t obvious. You can spend hours watching videos or reading tutorials and you can take a few college classes in design – or you can call me. I can save you a lot of time and effort by tutoring you in what you need to know to get your WordPress site up and running.