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So, there is this cool Plug-In for WordPress called Drop Shadow Boxes – and, well it does exactly what you are seeing here. It puts your copy or images or whatever in a box with a drop shadow. So, if this plug-in can do this, why on earth would I go to the trouble of

Speech Bubble CSS Fun

Keeping track of codes I like – stuff I find along the way…The Cartoon Copy Area. I worked with this and edited it, but the original was right here!. I edited this and found it very educational and am adding my own twist of love here. If you check out the link to the original

Domain Name Question

Question: A client has the opportunity to purchase a domain name, but only the .com version of the name is available. The .net and .org versions are owned by another company that does something similar to what this client is trying to do. The client contacted me and asked if they should go ahead and purchase
You want to put a different flash header on every page of your Thesis site? Knock yourself out! Edit this code with your own site and swf file info and you’re there! Do keep in mind that Flash doesn’t work on Smart Phones and the content can’t be read by search engines! Add this to