Web Design – creative sites designed to meet your needs

I can help you to create a handcrafted individual work reflecting yours needs, individual style and personality – individually worked into providing the user experience you need. I help you to use your insight and experience throughout the design process to insure that this is a collaborative work that will fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations while maintaining the unique identity of your business.

Planning your website

website schematic exampleYou know your industry. Let’s use your know-how to create a great site!. If you have a current logo and identity colors that you wish to use, you are already off to a great start.

This is where your work begins. Find a few websites that really appeal to you. Because there are so many different styles of website design and you are bound to have your own preferences in form and function, your website examples help me understand what appeals to you and saves much time and effort later on. If I have a solid understanding of what you’re working toward, I can tailor tutoring to cover your specific needs.

After I have a feel for what you like, I can add suggestions and provide examples of different elements that I feel would be of benefit to you.

Before proceeding to the actual design stage, a website schematic of your project is created. This is just a basic layout of your website’s pages and how they will relate to one another. As one of the most important elements of any website is simple and functional navigation, a sound schematic is an absolute necessity before creative work can begin on your site.

Now we start working on your site’s visual design. We’ll work to create a static image of what your website will look like. You’ll want to start working on creating copy, and you may also want to start reviewing stock photography or collect your own images.You may need to do a photo shoot to create visual content for your website. When you are fully satisfied with all aspects of your still design, we’ll move on to development.

Developing your website—from the drawing board to the web.

After strategic planning, you are ready to set up your website.

Because you have images and copy, a logo and identity colors all ready to go – with the right software, this can be a fun and simple process. I highly suggest you use a website content management system type of website software for your site. Examples would be WordPress, Blogger, etc. My hands-down favorite choice is WordPress. Click here and find out why!

Beyond all of the design and functionality advantages to WordPress, the biggest advantage to you is that you won’t need to learn HTML or CSS from the ground up, so you’ll save a lot of money and time on tutoring.

With WordPress installed at the web host of your choice, we can sit down together for a few hours and have your site up and running before we’re through. Adding more detailed applications and such may require further work, but you can have the basics in place and have a web presence that you can edit and work with in no time at all.