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I teach you how to work with website software
and how to create computer graphics.

Teaching software on an as-needed basis so you can create! 

Adobe Illustrator Work

Adobe Illustrator Work


This image was created using Adobe Illustrator. Though this looks like a photograph, the entire image is created using mesh gradients, multiple opacities, varying levels of feathering and blurs, masking, and more – all on several hundred layers.

While this is not a practical application of Adobe Illustrator, you can see that – with practice and skill – you really can reproduce anything in Illustrator. Many first-time designers are intimidated by this non-intuitive software, but I can teach you tricks and techniques that will quickly make working with Illustrator a joy.





Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Composition

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Composition


The base of this image was created using photoshop. I removed the color for several layers and then imposed new overlays of color on several grayscale images. The base has many layers and uses  multiple overlays and opacities. Vector content was then imported from Illustrator as ‘Smart Objects’, allowing their properties to be edited in Illustrator after being imported, so I could work the image into a finished piece. 

I can teach you to work across multiple platforms, so you can create with flexibility and can produce a much better finished product. 

Topics I Tutor

WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, etc. all provide an excellent user interface to create, design, and promote your business, blog, etc. I have provided assistance with these three tools and can help you learn to make edits and bring the site up to meet your needs.

Click here for more info on WordPress.

Photoshop - Learn the basics, or plug into the powerful aspects of this photo editing software.

Illustrator - One of the most powerful and least understood graphic programs, learn how to create clean logos and graphics in vectors.

InDesign - From the simple creation of an advertising graphic to magazine and book publication, this software is the end-all for anything to be printed.

AfterEffects - This software can be used for very basic video projects all the way to advanced commercial ventures. Add fades, intro animations, end credits, slow motion, etc. - your video can look far more professional with a few basic lessons in this software.

Flash - Because Flash does not work on iPhones and Tablets, I have not been focusing on working with Flash, but I can certainly teach you advanced timeline animation skills as well as advanced uses of ActionScript 2.0
(the industry standard is now ActionScript 3.0, which is significantly different)

Creating strong graphics or websites requires a creative eye and software skill, but an understanding of what people anticipate in the layout of a publication is also key.

Excellent publication design needs to incorporate correct typography, bleeds, and use and understanding of CMYK color. Designing specifically for the web requires an understanding of loading speed and usability - and each of these formats have very different requirements for usability.

Learn how to design effectively for your media of choice!

HTML and CSS are the backbones of creating websites and visually compelling email and newsletters. Many different software programs can create the basics, but with a bit of skill in using HTML and CSS, you can create far more dynamic, user friendly, and user interactive content.

If you have a site that is not easily edited, I'll be happy to teach you how to edit content with tutoring specific to your needs.

You can easily learn how to effectively handle your own Search Engine Optimization with a bit of information and effective use of free software. Because major search engines change their search criteria on a regular basis, it is far more cost effective to learn to do this for yourself instead of paying a service every time the criteria changes and you drop placement in search results.

Learn how to get faster results by submitting your site on your own instead of relying on a service - and bypass fee-based search engine submission fees and have your site listed for free!


I have assisted with email and newsletter issues, taught people to make video screenshots and tutorials, instructed young children in basic animation...and more!

If you need help and you don't see your specific issue listed here, please contact me and ask!




Before we actually sit down and get to work, we have some territory to cover. This will make our time working together far more productive and cost effective.

I need to understand what you need from me and what you're capable of doing on your own. I want to ensure that when our time together is finished, you will have a good understanding of everything you need to know to effectively manage and update your site independently.

Evaluating Your Needs

We start by talking about your website goals. Are you selling MP3's? Sharing recipes? Creating a site for a local business? Every website requires different elements and I need to know where you're going. Often sharing ideas can help you learn about options and possibilities that would be more effective than what you currently have in mind. My goal is to help you make a site that does what you want it to do - easily and effectively.

Learn Your Capabilities

Some people have a solid understanding of what they want for their website. They understand the technology and simply need a little help. Other people are not as familiar with the possibilities available to them. These people need a little more help in learning what they need from a website to achieve their goals.

Assess Your Budget

Your level of experience combined with the complexity of the site you are building will help me determine how much assistance and tutoring you'll need to achieve the results you desire. Some specialized Plug-In's can add to the cost of your project, both in the purchase themselves and also in learning to use them correctly. Before we start working together, I want to ensure that I can provide you with all of the help you need to get the results you want without breaking the bank.

Do Your Homework!

Sit down for an hour or two and look up websites or graphics that provide similar content to what you want to provide.

Make a list of features you like; write out things that could be done better.

If you're unsure of the software you need to learn to create a specific design style, include a link and I'll tell you what you need to learn to create comparable work.

A little bit of research will go a long way in helping you to understand great examples of ways to display content, and will also help you get a feel for your competition.

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