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I Tutor WordPress.

WordPress is the most simple, flexible tool I have found that allows anyone
to create a website.

WordpressOld-school website design was an ever continuing job. Either you had a site created and then lived with the contents, with no options to make updates or changes, or you paid a designer to make the changes you needed. 

WordPress allows you to create a site, and then allows you to change the format, the background, the layout and size of the text as much as you’d like!


Wordpress itself is free - abut the really amazing thing about Wordpress is that thousands of people design for Wordpress, so you can find thousands of site templates - both free and for-pay, and you'll also find thousands of Plug-In's for Wordpress as well.

Wordpress is super user-friendly. You don't need me to set up a Wordpress website - I am just here to help you with the details and more complex aspects of your site.

With 60 Million Wordpress sites, there are a lot of people using it and a lot of people talking about it. Anything you can think to do, you can generally find a tutorial for. I am here to get you started, but where you go with this is up to you!

Plug-Ins are tools that extend the capabilities of Wordpress. Many are available at no cost, and others - tools that allow you to add a shopping cart or a membership area to your site, for example, are generally very reasonable.

If you are unfamiliar with Plug-Ins, please click here to get an idea of the scope of these tools.

Wordpress may have started as blog software, but it has grown into an amazing content management system. A content management system allows anyone of any level of skill to easily add copy, images, video, and more.



Instead of spending weeks talking about
style and colors and logo design, you can start posting content immediately!

Wordpress allows you to manipulate your site's style and layout without removing
your content - so you can get started right away and 'dial in' the look of your site as go learn and grow.

Here are a few examples of topics we can cover when discussing your website.

Integrate Social Networking into your Site

Social Networking adds a great deal of power to any website design. Adding the ability for people to 'share' content, 'like' your business, and follow your Tweets right from your site helps build business - and this is just the start of what you can do!

You can import Facebook comments into your website and can export posts onto Facebook, you can automatically have all of your blog posts publish as Tweets, and can also integrate these content feeds to a LinkedIn page.

Wordpress makes this type of integration simple.

Advertising and Affiliate Programs

Many people create a blog in hopes of gaining an audience and earning revenue from banner ads and sales of products through affiliate programs.

Wordpress provides an excellent platform for this type of revenue, and this is simple to set up and maintain.

I can assist you in setting this up and providing information on how to integrate the right type of advertising with your content effectively.

Tutorials and Assistance with eCommerce Solutions

It's is relatively simple to add a shopping cart to your Wordpress site.

I can assist you with the basic set-up and teach you how to add new products and add correct tax and shipping fees - and can also assist with setting up a shopping cart to handle virtual products like images or music.

Do you want to offer content on a 'Member's Only' basis?

Wordpress works well for this type of content. If your site is for family, friends, fans, etc. - I can easily show you how to password protect specific pages.

If you are providing content to 'the public', I can assist you with setting up a more complex membership site that includes multiple navigations, page options, and even page specific content based on the membership level of the person viewing the site.

Membership areas can be free, can offer content for a limited time, or can bill your customers automatically when their membership has expired.

Complex membership sites can be difficult to set up for the first time, and I can save you a lot of time and frustration by walking you through the process.

Search Engine Optimization

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Avoid faulty installs by learning to set up on your own database.


Learn how to get better rankings and save money by doing this yourself.


File Transfer Protocol - managing files outside of the Wordpress Dashboard